How My Mom Got Hacked and What We Can Learn from Her Mistakes to Protect Ourselves Online

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My mom was always very careful with her computer, but one day she received an email from a supposed colleague of hers. The email contained a link that led to a malicious website, which immediately began to take control of her computer.

My mom was unable to do anything about it as the virus spread throughout her files and soon took control of all of her online accounts. It became clear that the hacker had access to her banking information, emails and even her social media accounts.

In an effort to help my mom, I contacted a tech expert who told us that the hacker had installed a keylogger on my mom’s computer. This keylogger recorded every keystroke she made and gave the hacker complete access to all of her accounts.

He then advised us to take my mom’s computer offline and reset all her passwords across all accounts, as well as invest in more secure software for future protection. We followed his advice and managed to regain access to most of.

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